What type of garage door is most secure?

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What Type of Garage Door is Most Secure?

Often, garages are used to store people’s most valuable possessions. Whether it’s a car, tools or other expensive equipment, it’s important that garages are kept secure. Even if valuables are not being kept in a garage, if not properly protected they can provide thieves or intruders with easy access to a property. 

With this in mind, keeping garages secure is often a priority of consumers and something your clients will want to ensure your products offer. At Tradedor, we supply our trade clients with a wide range of garage door types which are excellent at enhancing the security of any kind of property. 

In this article, our team will outline what type of garage doors are the most secure as well as explain how your clients can keep their garage protected.

What type of garage doors are most secure?

With so many different types of garage doors out there, it can be difficult to know what kind is best for keeping a property secure. Below, we’ve listed some of the best types of garage doors when it comes to security.

Roller garage doors 

Roller garage doors are among the most secure types of door that can be installed in a property. The compact design offers no obvious penetration or leverage points and the door’s skin itself is extremely durable. At Tradedor, we use robust aluminium that adds great strength to our products.                 

As well as their great security, roller garage doors are excellent at maximising space. This is because they operate by retracting directly upwards into a compact box that can be fitted above or below the opening. This means that vehicles can be parked close to the door without causing any obstruction. 

 Sectional garage doors 

The design of sectional garage doors makes them extremely secure. This type of door is made up of a variety of panels which open on a hinge when operated. The panels are extremely robust and offer no obvious attack points, therefore enhancing security. The panels themselves are double skinned steel with 42mm of high density foam inside. This adds a high level of strength whilst also adding insulation to the garage.

Up and over garage doors 

Historically, up and over garage doors have not been known for their security. However, modern versions of the door have improved significantly in this regard. When combined with other security features, there’s no reason why a new up and over door can’t keep a property secure.

Other ways to protect a garage 

As well as choosing the right type of garage door, there are a number of other things your clients can do to ensure their garage and property are protected.

Add additional security features 

As well as the door itself, there are a number of additional security features that can be purchased to further enhance the safety of a property. When you make an order from Tradedor, enquire about our additional extras and we’ll be able to advise. 

Install CCTV equipment 

Home security features, such as CCTV cameras, are a great way to protect a property. As well as acting as a deterrent, in the unfortunate event that a property is broken into, they can offer vital evidence as to who the culprit is. These days, CCTV cameras, doorbell cams and other home security equipment options are extremely accessible.       

Don’t leave a door open or unlocked 

It might seem obvious, but quite often, burglaries occur because people simply don’t lock their garage doors. It’s always best to double-check that garage doors are locked and secure, especially overnight.

Choosing the perfect garage door

The experts at Tradedor, have spent more than a decade working with domestic and trade clients across the country. Their bespoke approach to everyone they work with, coupled with the wide range of garage door types available will leave you safe in the knowledge your garage door is of the highest possible quality.


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