Can you install a new garage door on the existing frame?

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Can You Install a New Garage Door on the Existing Frame?

Although garage sub frames may look unassuming, they are vital for ensuring the structural integrity of your garage door. Customers looking for a new garage door will likely have questions regarding their sub frame; does it need to be replaced or can a new door be installed on top of the existing one? 

It’s important for all garage door suppliers to be aware of this information. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the experts at Tradedor to write this article, highlighting all the crucial facts you should know about garage door frames.

Replacing a Garage Door and Frame

A sub frame is a three-sided frame that fits around the garage opening to provide lasting support to the garage door. It is vital that every garage door fits snugly to ensure the security and energy efficiency of the property. But does every garage door need a frame? 

Frames are vital for those investing in an up and over garage door. Sub frames can be made out of timber, steel or GRP, however there is commonly a continuity with the garage door material. As roller and sectional garage doors are installed to the internal face of the garage, a frame is not required for the stability of the door. However, a frame can elevate the aesthetic of these doors by providing a border for extra visual appeal. It is important that the sub frame has the requisite strength to hold the garage door in place. If the existing frame is worn away and weak, this will likely lead to the garage door wearing prematurely, meaning the customer will need a replacement much sooner.

There are some factors which can mean existing garage door frames need to be replaced:

  • If the garage door frame has been in place for a long time (more than a decade) then it may need to be replaced, even if it appears in good condition.
  • Timber sub frames will likely need to be changed with every new garage door. This is due to their propensity to rot and weather damage.
  • If the frame shows obvious signs of damage or deterioration, it will need to be replaced. Fitting a garage door on a well-worn frame can impact the longevity of the new door.

Although steel sub frames are likely to be more durable, it is important to bear in mind that existing metal  frames may not be compatible with every new door; this is because the mechanisms and fittings vary with each garage door. If the customer is planning on re-using the same frame, the dimensions should be meticulously checked to ensure they are consistent. Some new garage doors also come with a factory-fitted frame, which renders the existing frame redundant.

Up & Over and Sectional Garage Doors

The experts at Tradedor have a wealth of industry experience and their quality workmanship ensures that every garage door is top quality. That’s why they supply a variety of sectional, up and over and roller garage doors.

When you buy with them, most of our doors come with their own aluminium frame, comprising guide runners and an enclosed top box. This high-quality frame ensures the durability and precise fit of the door.


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