The benefits of roller shutters

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The Benefits Of Roller Shutters

Whether your business is in the local suburb, centre around an industrial spaces or working out of your garage there are massive benefits to investing in roller shutters. Whether for stock storage or manufacturing or packing, it’s essential that certain measures are put into place to protect your spaces.

There are multiple factors to consider, including security, fire hazards, and presenting a smart space to potential clients. Here, we look at how roller shutters can help in all these areas and more.

Enhanced Security

One of the primary benefits of roller shutters for businesses, whether commercial, domestic or industrial is the effect that they have on increasing security. Roller shutters act as a significant deterrent against potential thieves – they can be imposing, and when installed correctly, notoriously different to force entry through.

They tend to be constructed from steel, and when combined with an appropriate alarm system, they allow business owners to leave buildings vacant without having to constantly worry that an intruder has forced entry 

Protect Stock From Environmental Hazards

While thieves are one risk factor that needs to be mitigated against, another is the weather. If your space has large openings, it can be very difficult to implement reliably weatherproof doors.

Modern shutter systems are incredibly effective at forming a closed seal against the elements. If your space needs to be maintained at a certain temperature, it’s also possible to install insulated roller shutters. 

These will help to keep the heat out at the height of summer, while keeping the heat in during winter. This can be especially important when it comes to reducing heating bills if people need to work in these spaces.

Impress Your Clients

If clients ever visit your premises, it’s important that you’re able to show them a smart environment. Roller shutters are easy to maintain and keep clean, and when rolled up, can help make a space look much larger compared to doors.

The positive effect of the image you convey to clients is obviously more important for certain industries than others, but it’s an important factor to consider when trying to calculate your probable ROI.

Fire Risk Mitigation

Depending on how you use your business space there could be a heightened risk of a fire occurring. Fire resistant roller shutters can play an essential role in containing and preventing fires. Not only can they stop or at least massively slow the speed at which a fire leaves or enters a building, you can also have shutters placed in strategic locations within the industrial space to stop the internal spreading of fire.

Fire-resistant shutters can be linked to the alarm and sensor system, ensuring that they close automatically at the first sign of a fire.

For more information on which shutter solution might be most suitable for your specific needs, contact LBS Group. They’ll be able to provide specialist advice on which solution is most appropriate for your industrial requirements, ensuring the perfect balance between safety and security.


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