Top tips for improving your garage door’s appearance

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Top Tips for Improving Your Garage Door’s Appearance

Constituting a large proportion of your property visible to passersby, your garage is one of the most eye-catching areas of your property, second only to the house itself. As a result, improving the appearance of your garage and its door can do wonders for giving your property a makeover.

Here are the top things we believe you should think about when improving the appearance of your garage and outside area.



A common feature among modern homes nowadays are motion-activated lights, installed often as a security feature and as a means for getting around gardens at night, but many overlook the appearance-boosting abilities of outdoor lighting around your home and garage. Downlighting your property has the potential to transform the perceptions of the size and sophistication of your home, encouraging a sense of grandeur that cannot be understated. 


If you feel your garden is lacking in diversity, trellises and hanging baskets are a quick solution to both spruce up your garden and your garage aesthetic. Honeysuckle, ivy and clematis are all wonderful climbers perfect for a trellis, whereas petunias, fuchsias and begonias would offer a fetching display of colour at eye-level in your hanging baskets.  

Moreover, with summer on its way you can be sure the plants you introduce will attract a whole host of wildlife you can enjoy in addition to the colourful flower display you’ll have created.

New Handles

Fixing brand new handles to your garage door can be a subtle yet effective way of altering the appearance of your driveway. It’s easy to overlook such a small aspect of your garage door when improving its appearance, but taking the time out to find the ideal handle will add to the overall feel of your door. The beauty is in the detail.

Paint the Door

Give your garage door a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint to invigorate your property. You’ll have to ensure the paint you acquire is suitable for the material your garage door is made of, that it’s weatherproof and also that it doesn’t clash with the rest of the things you have going on in your garden. Too much of a contrast between the colours will hurt the look, so try to keep a consistent theme for your property.

If, however, you’re thinking of going for more of a traditional look for your garage door, a faux wood paint job could transform your dull and perhaps rusting metallic door into looking like a durable wooden one.

Automation of Your Door

A smart way to improve your garage door that’s sure to see you saved from the rain one of these days and make you the envy of your neighbours. If your door is suitable for automation then the costs of this improvement can be kept low. Otherwise, automated garage doors are durable and stylish, making them well-worth the investment when renovating your garage. Be sure to keep them in mind when trying to improve the appearance of your garage door. 

Revitalise Your Driveway

Your garage doesn’t exist in isolation from the rest of your property, so when giving your garage door a makeover be sure to remember to pay attention to your driveway and any surrounding areas, such as your garden or the walls of your property. Even the most beautiful and alluring garage aesthetic can be marred by an unruly garden or a worn and decrepit driveway. 

To pull your driveway back from the edge, however, can be easier than you’d expect. If you’re trying to avoid breaking the bank, you can revitalise your weary tarmaced driveway with a lick of industrial strength tarmac paint. The paint will serve as an added protection for your driveway, extending its lifetime, and will also improve the overall look of the area around your garage. A little time and attention to your garden can also vamp up the kerb appeal of your home while also complementing the makeover you’ve given your garage door.

For those with a larger budget for their makeover, a new driveway could be for you. Consider a block paving or decorative gravel driveway for an added dose of colour and texture to your property that passersby will be envious of.


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