Signs it’s time to replace your old garage door

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Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Old Garage Door

Garage doors, like everything else in this day and age, is advancing, and quickly because us homeowners want maximum efficiency and increased safety, but sometimes it can feel like all things in the home need to be replaced at the same time. So to ensure you understand the signs of when your garage door really needs replacing, the team at Zap Garage Doors have put together an article to explain to you just that. 

Frequent garage door repairs

If it seems to be one repair after another, then it’s likely that the door will cost you more than a new one in the long run. Old garage doors don’t owe you anything, so it’s better to forget one repair after another and buy a new, improved door that’ll operate perfectly.

Garage doors with Old design

Trying to sell your house or do up your home? You might want to start by replacing your old garage door. Old designs can bring down your kerb appeal, having a dated garage door next to a modern home can look glaringly obvious to buyers, passersby or to guests. With a large variety of designs and functionalities to choose from, you can better your garage door design and select a sleek, aesthetically pleasing replacement.

Materials breaking

Your old garage door is rusty and dented or perhaps the wood has split and swollen – whatever the material – worn garage doors are likely to have broken seals and missing weather straps which can let in cold air, moisture and dirt. This can be a great breeding ground for mould and insects.

Your garage door makes to much noise

A screeching garage door might just need oiling but if that doesn’t do it, it’s likely that the opening and closing mechanisms are breaking down. Your garage door should operate quietly and if it doesn’t it’s trying to tell you something.

You want to sell your home

If you’re trying to sell your home you want to entice buyers into thinking that it’s a good potential buy. Having an old garage door might make them question the levels of security. Although some buyers might be looking to transform the property to upsell, the majority of people will want to be able to move in without having to make significant changes or replacements.

Better kerb appeal

A slick garage door could improve your home’s kerb appeal. Blending your garage nicely to the rest of your home will give a polished look. You can personalise your garage door by selecting your favourite material, colour and operation. 

Infographic - Signs it's time to replace your old garage door.

If you need help or advice when selecting a new garage door, speak with the team here at Zap Garage Doors. We’re Yorkshire’s premier garage door supplier providing free site surveys, no-obligation quotations and have hundreds of doors for you to choose from. For a first-rate service, contact us today, we’re more than happy to help.


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