Alternative uses for old garage doors

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Alternative Uses for Old Garage Doors

Repurposing and reusing old objects has become an important (and creative!) way of reducing waste. Rather than disposing of an item and adding it to the growing list of environmental problems, you can instead choose to grant that item an alternative use.

If you’re looking to install a new garage door, consider re-purposing your old one. There are a huge number of products you can create with an old garage door, and this article is here to provide some inspiration.

Interior door/ window

If you have a glass garage door, this could be a great opportunity to add some excess light to your home. You could re-purpose it as an interior glass door, ideally leading to a conservatory or patio. Alternatively you could re-purpose any garage door into an interior door. Not only is this functional, but it’s also a unique addition to your home’s interior decor.

You could also use a glass garage door as a window. Don’t worry if it stands apart from your other windows; use it as a feature window to accentuate a wall or other part of your home.


Wooden garage doors are perfect for using as a new headboard for your bed. Simply trim the door to the desired length and height and voila! You’ve got a brand new headboard for your bed.

Plus, it can often be difficult to find headboards in the exact right size and shape for your bedroom. Trimming a garage door gives you the flexibility to create a shape and size that’s perfect for your unique requirements. If you wish to take things even further, you could also create a footer using the remaining scraps.

Raised flower bed

Raised flower beds from garden stores can end up costing a small fortune. Why not just use your old garage door instead? Measure and cut your garage door to create a box. Fill it with soil and watch as your old garage door becomes a new home for budding roses and sprouting sunflowers. 


Cut your garage door into segments and hang the resulting pieces around your home for instant contemporary art. Different colours, materials and styles can complement different rooms. Wooden garage doors can boost the feel of a relaxed, rustic room, whereas glass panels can accentuate a contemporary style.

Coat rack

The beauty of a coat rack is in its simplicity. Merely cut your garage door down to the desired height and width, paint it to the colour of your choosing (if you wish) and add some trusty hooks. Attach your new coat rack to the wall and, if it’s thick enough, you can even use it as a shelf!

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