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Garage conversion ideas

The garage was once a dedicated space for our cars, but because of the amount of clutter we amass in our lives and the growth in the size of the average car, we very rarely use them for their intended purpose. It’s for this reason that the garage, if simply used to house clutter, is ripe for conversion into a more useable living space. 

Although taking away your garage might seem like it would decrease the value of the property, an extra room will no doubt recoup that loss and possibly improve on the previous value if done well. 

Below we’ve collected some of the best ideas for converting your garage.

Home Cinema

The dream for every film lover is to create a room wholly dedicated to the playing of movies. You can create a home cinema easily if you have the money to spend on a quality television, surround sound and some super comfortable chairs. Add blackout blinds and microwave some popcorn to finish the whole thing off and you’ll never have to pay high cinema prices again.

Children’s playroom

If your kids don’t have enough room to play in their bedrooms then a playroom downstairs could be ideal. You can fill boxes with their toys and let them play all day long. Nice big windows will let in plenty of sunshine and a durable flooring solution will stand up to the rough and tumble. An added bonus here is that you can have peace and quiet in the living room or kitchen without having to worry about where the kids are.

Office space

Whether you work from home on a regular basis or simply want a quiet place to study and read, an office space is a great way for you to create a serious space in the home. Have a desk fitted and put up some bookshelves and before you know it you’ll have a nice open space in which to work – it doesn’t have to be dreary either as you can decorate however you please. No more cramping into the corner of the room, putting up with noise from the television.

Extra bedroom

If you’re stuck for space when you have guests or extended family round to stay then an extra bedroom will come in handy. You don’t have to have a bed out all the time either; a simple pull-out sofa will suffice. This way you can treat it as an extra lounge or study area if you need to. A light and airy room will make visitors feel welcome and gives them their own space if they’re staying the night.

Gym room

If going to the gym is too much of a chore, or if you’re a bit self-conscious, then a home gym could be the answer. Large equipment can fit easily into the space if you plan the layout right and, because it’s on the ground floor, you don’t have to worry too much about the strain on your floors as you pound away on the treadmill. With your own private gym you can achieve your fitness goals and add value to your property.

If however you could never leave your car out in the cold and are looking to revamp your garage, as a garage. The best place to start with with a new garage door. Dimension Garage Doors in Manchester has a range of different doors including Metal and Wooden Garage Doors and are always on hand to help you with any Garage problems you might have.


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